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Term 4 2020 Timetable

Here’s our timetable for Term 4 2020*.  Just keep scrolling for a detailed description of each class to help you choose.  Use our quick booking button to grab your spot on the mat!  The best way to pay for your classes is with a term pass or multi class concession – there’s a handy button for that, too!

* Keep an eye out … ‘cos there’s more coming to Namaste Yoga NZ in the new year.  More classes, more styles, more times in 2021!

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Here are the classes currently on our studio timetable.  These classes are able to be enjoyed by people of all yoga abilities.  More advanced classes for students experienced with Namaste Yoga NZ are offered by invitation.  Modifications and options are offered to make techniques more and less challenging, to ensure our classes are safe and beneficial.  If you have questions about which classes are right for you, feel free to contact us

Sunrise Yoga

Monday, Wednesday & Friday 6am

Up bright and early, Ali will guide you through the perfect start to your day.  Science is now recognising what Ayurvedic practitioners have known for centuries, exercise between 4am and 6am helps the body and mind on many levels.  With this early class, you’ll be stretched out and ready to clock in.  Working through breathing techniques, a morning flow practice and guided relaxation, this class is what you need every morning!

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Yoga Energy

Monday 7am & 5:30 pm
Wednesday & Friday 7am

Moving, dynamic and stronger than some common forms of yoga, Yoga Energy is based on the body’s meridians.  Based on a Japanses, zen shiatsu form of yoga it is different to the Indian forms.  If you are an “active relaxer”, these classes may be the type of yoga for you.  If you have practised conventional yoga in the past, then Yoga Energy may add some variety to your practice.  The class content moves with the seasons, but each day has a focus:  Monday is Strength Stretched Out (a class for runners and athletes, but beneficial and accessible for anyone);  Wednesday, Stress Buster;  and, Friday, Healthy Body.

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Go with the Flow

Tuesdays – Thursdays 5:30 pm

The after work class series to get the blood pumping.  Some of these classes are classic Ashtanga flow with Dan, some are a more eclectic mix of Vinyasa, embodied flow and restorative work with Ali.  Friendly and fun with occasional disco, the evening yogis put the “tada” in tadasana.  Timed to slot into your commute home, round out your day with some Self care.

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Yoga Nidra

Mondays – Thursdays 6:30 pm

Our last class of the day flows into a Yoga Nidra – you are welcome to arrive at 6:30pm and just treat yourself to some deep relaxation if that’s what you want, though! Sometimes called “sleeping yoga”, Yoga Nidra is a special form of guided meditation during which you enjoy deep relaxation.  Yoga Nidra will take your body and mind into a deep sleep state without succumbing entirely to sleep.  Hugely beneficial, 10 minutes of yoga nidra can be the equivalent of 1 hour’s sleep.  After a Yoga Nidra you will feel rejuvenated and refreshed.

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